In the following, the “Rental Company” is the Steiner Touring GmbH, while the term “Purchaser” refers to the customer.

The contract comprises the chargeable provision of a vehicle with chauffeur for transportation services. By signing this offer, the Purchaser explicitly confirms to have understood and accepted these General Terms & Conditions.
The specific individual services will be clearly defined in each of the respective order placements and confirmations (e.g. requirement of child seats, etc.), they will be tailored in written form to each specific enquiry and will be legally valid and effective after signature of the order confirmation.
Under no circumstances do the services include the supervision of guests (regardless of their age), animals and objects/baggage or any other services, which go beyond carrying out the transportation services (such as services in connection with immigration, visa or customs regulations, etc.).
The Rental Company explicitly reserves the right of possible changes of a service, if these changes can be attributed to objective reasons (such as security or atmospheric circumstances).

The prices are based on the driving distance/route and duration which was agreed upon at the time of submitting the offer. Should the actual distance increase for reasons attributable to the Purchaser or passengers, every additional kilometre will be charged at a rate of € 2.00/km. If the agreed upon duration of travel and/or the scheduled times are exceeded, we will charge overtime of € 25.00 per initiated 30 minutes.
Airport transfer rates include a maximum waiting time of 90 minutes between the presumed flight arrival time and the vehicle’s departure from the airport. In the event of delays, we will charge overtime of € 25.00 per initiated 30 minutes.
Road tolls are included in the offer. In the event that fuel cost should rise over 10% between the date of acceptance of the offer and the execution of the services, the price will be adjusted proportionally by an adequate percentage.
Expenses for parking, special tolls and customs duties, which are charged in some cities, are not included in the offer unless this has been expressly requested.

In case of services with at least one overnight stay, the cost for accommodation and meals for the chauffeur(s) are payable by the Purchaser. It is the Purchaser’s responsibility to book accommodation for the chauffeur(s) (one single room per chauffeur). The quality of the accommodation must meet at least the standards of a 3-star hotel level.

Unless otherwise agreed in written form, payment must be made within 30 days after the invoice date. New costumers should settle the amount in advance. The following payment options are accepted: bank transfer, payment by credit card (Visa), cash payments within the maximum limits allowed under Italian law. Payments may only be made directly to the chauffeur, after prior written consent of the Rental Company.

The Purchaser has the right to withdraw from the contract without specification of reasons, however, the Purchaser commits to pay the following cancellation fees to the Rental Company and to hold the Rental Company fully harmless, if the Rental Company can prove higher financial losses:

  • From the point of booking: 20%
  • Within 14 days before delivery of the service: 30%
  • Within 7 days before delivery of the service: 50%
  • Within 48 hours before delivery of the service: 90%.

For justifiable reasons the Rental Company is allowed to withdraw from this contract free of charge.

The Rental Company is liable for a punctual provision of the ordered vehicles, unless there are circumstances which could not be averted despite taking all measures within the scope of due diligence, and for the proper execution of the transportation contract.
The Rental Company does not accept liability for personal injuries or property damages arising from negligence or culpable conduct of a passenger or resulting from force majeure or coincidence.
In the event that a flight or similar is missed, the Rental Company may only be held liable in case of intent or gross negligence; under no circumstances will the rental company accept liability in case of force majeure (traffic congestion, road blocks, etc.) or in case of a coincidence, delay of a passenger when departing etc., or in case of a technical failure of the vehicle, etc.
The Rental Company accepts no liability for any baggage that disappears after it was offloaded from the vehicle. It accepts liability for any loss, decrease in value or damage of any baggage which occurred during transportation in accordance with the European statutory regulations pertaining to motor vehicle traffic.

The passengers are compelled to adhere to the applicable laws (obligation to wear a seat belt, etc.) and to strictly follow the Confirmation No. 219533 of 22.04.2020 4/4 chauffeur’s instructions (and those of other staff members of the Rental Company). Passengers who do not follow these instructions may be excluded from transportation without any right to claim, not even on the refund of the transportation fee paid. Neither the chauffeur, nor the other passengers or the vehicle and/or third parties may be put in danger.
The consumption of alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, etc. is strictly prohibited; the chauffeur has the right to exclude passengers who are drunk, etc. from transportation or to forbid them to get in the vehicle.The same applies to any damage to the vehicle by a passenger, who is also liable to compensate the party who suffered the damage or injury, without prejudice to the party’s right to report this offence. Should the chauffeur or the Rental Company be subject to a penalty due to the conduct of a passenger, the passenger or the Purchaser are liable to provide adequate compensation.
In the event of excessive pollution of the coach, the Rental Company reserves the right to charge additional cleaning expenditures of € 50.00 to € 100.00. In the event that the Purchaser or passenger takes beverage crates on board, these crates must be stored in the baggage compartments. For security reasons, no beverage crates may be taken on board. It is not permitted to consume excessive amounts of alcohol on board.


The Rental Company reserves the right to open the on-board toilets on their coaches only in case of need. In the winter months, the toilets are not operational due to the low temperatures.


To ensure the highest degree of safety of our customers, the chauffeurs are instructed to strictly follow the stipulations pursuant to Regulation (EC) No 561/2006:

Driving periods:
A) A maximum of 4.5 hours without a break
B) A max. of 9 hours per day
C) 10 hours a day for a maximum of 2 days per week
A) 45 minutes after 4.5 hours driving time
B) May be split into two breaks: the 1st break must be a minimum of 15 minutes, while the 2nd break must be a minimum of 30 minutes
Weekly driving periods:
A) A maximum of 56 hours per week
B) A maximum of 90 hours in 2 consecutive weeks
Maximum of 15 hours a day between the first departure and the last transfer
Daily rest periods:
A) A minimum of 11 hours
B) A split into two rest periods is allowed; in this case, however, a minimum of 12 hours must be reached (3+9)
C) In case of a multi-chauffeur operation, a minimum of 9 hours must be respected within a period of 30 hours
Weekly rest periods:
A) A minimum of 45 hours, including a full-day rest period
B) Reduction to 24 hours is permitted, however, over 2 weeks the following must be respected:
- Rest periods of 45 hours or
- Rest periods of 45 hours in addition to one rest period of a minimum of 24 hours (has to be compensated for within 3 weeks)
- A weekly rest period must be implemented after six 24-hour periods

The parties declare that the data will only be used in connection with the execution of this transportation contract in
accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 and subsequent amendments. The Purchaser declares to be in full agreement
with the above.

The parties agree to the court in Bolzano/Bozen (Italy) as the place of jurisdiction.