The common good economy describes a more social, ecological and democratic economy. Based on the values of human dignity, solidarity, environmental sustainability, social justice, participation and transparency, a presentation is made of the measures that a company takes to contribute beyond the legal framework to the well-being of all people.

The decision to draw up a public welfare balance sheet in addition to the financial statements means not only assessing the economic impact of a company, but also transparently presenting the ethical values through which relationships and cooperations succeed. “Today people know the price of everything but no longer their value!”

More and more people are asking about the meaning of their professional activities. The economic and public welfare-oriented actions of companies, according to the wish of many employees, should again be in line with the values and objectives enshrined in most of the constitutions of Western democracies.

The Common Good Report (Common Good Report + Common Good Matrix) is the central tool of the Common Good Economy. With its matrix structure, it helps to map entrepreneurial action and its impact. This creates a valuable basis for future decisions.

Steiner Touring GmbH shares these values and is a member of the Association for the Promotion of the Economy of the Common Good. The Common Good Report was prepared in December 2020 and is regularly updated.