We are lucky to work and live in one of the most beautiful regions of the world. For us, this privilege clearly entails a commitment on our part to
preserve it, to feel responsible toward the nature we live in – for the people, benefitting society as a whole. This is why we continuously assess our services and look for new, even more sustainable solutions.

Nature is the greatest treasure we have. Handling our resources respectfully and preserving the diversity of species is a key element of our philosophy. We consciously plan our itineraries to minimise disturbing the natural balance. We use modern vehicles with environmentally sound technology and try to make our passengers aware of a more mindful experience along the route. This is the only way to ensure that we can preserve the beauty of these special places we enjoy exploring so much. 

The people we work with
To reach goals, teamwork is of the essence. This applies just as much to our itineraries as to how we implement our company philosophy on a daily
basis. We are lucky enough to have a strong team and reliable local partners at our side who share our ideas of creating a sustainable, mindful value chain. Each one of them is an expert in their field and crucial to our success. At the end of the day, it is the individual that counts. This also holds true to our customers, who open their mind to authentic experiences and to sharing our values.

Real experiences
You ought to experience our region, rather than just visit it. We strive to create precious, intense experiences, moments that will stick in your memory. For us, truly experiencing a place means more than just visiting the beautiful places and breathtaking landscapes of the Dolomites. It requires plunging into their history, their culture and partaking in local life. This is why we prefer using accommodation managed with a personal touch during our tours, and focus on traditional restaurants, local shops, farmers and artisans.

We consider the word sustainability to be more than fashionable. In fact, it is the guiding principle behind all our actions. When planning our itineraries, we apply holistic, responsible concepts – future-oriented solutions generating a sustainable value creation chain for our region. Essentially, we work primarily with partners who share our vision of sustainability. And we believe that mindful travelling, allowing you to experience the natural and cultural landscape in an authentic and respectful manner, is key to realising this vision.